Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Call to Marmz

If there is any love still out there? Can you comment below this post and implore my mother to turn over that drawing of the next Chest Kitten she has been hording?  It is vitally important.

Time is limited.



Thanks sub-rad mike and -E-, it's a wonder they let me out of 2nd grade with my spelling the way it is.

So my moms entered this equation when I was determined to get the word out, I was telling everyone I knew, including my momz, about Chest Kittnes.  Thing is, she started leaving these really weird cryptic comments that I was sure were someone else (can I get a little help with the verb tense here?)... only to find out they were really her...

So then she starts in on me like the rest of y'all, where are the kittens and what not.  I'm like, "momz, I'm busy, you do the next kittens."  To which she replies, "Oh, I can't draw, blah blah blah."  Fact of the matter is she draws like she leaves comments on blogs... odd.  And I think it is high time that she made a contribution over here.

So again, a chorus of "please momz" should do the trick!